About Neil Podoll Photography

Name: Neil Podoll Photography

Email: neil@neilpodoll.com

Phone: 719.659.2510

Location: Colorado Springs, CO


On a Professional Note:

Neil Podoll Photography is a full service professional photography company specializing in Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes as well as Weddings, Nature and Abstract Art.

Utilizing the latest technology in digital equipment and post-production processes Neil Podoll Photography delivers striking images that will look great in your portfolio, website and albums.

Please take a look through my online portfolios and give me a call or email to get specific information reguarding your new photo assignment. I’ll get back to you with answers and a quote.



On a Personal Note:

Neil spends his free days pursuing his passion for outdoor activities, traveling the world and spending time with his wonderful wife. Being born and raised in Colorado, Neil has been obsessed with photography from an early age. He is always trying to capture the beauty of Mother Nature. As time has passed, his passion for photography has grown into many other aspects.

Neil: “I love my job, I love the work I get to do and the clients I work with. Every assignment is very different and has its inherit challenges but that’s what makes it fun and exciting”